...A forward thinking company like amazon.com would make a mint!
There's nothing like rounded experience in an industry, specially from all the customer/stakeholder perspectives. Both at Univeristy and ata certain jobs and while excercising other roles, I have seen what an important part music plays. Enskilling people and creating unforgetable experiences...for all the right reasons.

One mega huge obstacle that I faced was the complexity and costs of creating compilation CDs.

Perhaps my "googling" has not been too powerful, but I did struggle to find an eay example of "on demand" licensing/royalty payments.

You would have thought that by 2008 Grandma Ruth-less, and our spinster aunt Miss-Chiveous would have been in the hood releasing their own Gansta Latin rap CD...and paying out royalties "on demand" (as CDs get digitally mastered and sent out).

What I did find, was two companies that navigated the legal mires for you and offered you fixed licensing pricing based on a minimum purchase, and your album would be customized to an extent!

At Magnatune...
The example pricing, for 100 units and a full CD the cost was $600 (licensing)

Sound Promotions
Their Private Label CD Collection services had also a bunch of options and genres, including your own artwork on sleeves, different cases, etc.

Tate-the-piche... ;-) and get away with it?
It appears that the only ones who don't have to worry about this Licensing Merlakie (hey, that's the best guess for a native spanish speaker) is if you are producing a compliation cd for art's sake and are "mixing in" parody, with some "looping around..."

...hey you may get away with producing compilation cds that under other circumstances could be conceived to be violating copyrights!

At least that's what the New York Times reported on an article it titled, 'An Exhibition That Borrows Brazenly'...

Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age,'' where the potentially inflammatory CD is available free, and of its Web site, illegal-art.org.

If Amazon or an online label aggregator where to introduce dynamic compilation CD creation with automatic licensing that got sorted invisibly and whose royalties got paid in line with production-on-demand. Then...wow!

What's in it for me?
The fact that I got these ideas out of me head!...they persecute me and won't let me rest until I get them out...and maybe I have a couple of extra little ideas up my sleeve that I want to profit-share?

I would love to add Skribit to this blog...if only...
For those who haven't had a chance to check it out, Skribit is a type of widget that you can add to your blog (usually in the right side-bar. It enables your readers to suggest articles to write or issues to explore.

I would prefer to have it as a widget which could be implemented automatically at the bottom of blog posts "as a widget for the new blogger". A bit like Share This have done.

I have done some screen shots for the developer gang, and hope they take note ;-)

Skribit Passive (post footer):

Skribit Activated (post footer):

Share This

The Old & Vulnerable Fall for Reader's Digest Prize tactic?

There are mixed opinions with regards to the reader's digest prize draw! notice how I used lower case due to my disgust with the practice. Check some of these out, here, and here.

The experience in my family has been that my Dad has been bombarded with book adverts at the same time as the prize draw slips. The brain, and its power of association has ensured that a few have got books thinking that this will help their advancement. But it didn't work that way.

Reader's Digest don't stop sending out more and more mail and our rain forests suffer more for it.avalanche of marketing material from readers digest


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